Keep Negativity at Bay with These 5 Books

It all starts with the mind. Our well-being that is. Mental health impacts every aspect of our daily lives whether we are aware of it or not. It affects how we think or feel as well as our personal and professional relationships.  Neglect of mental health can lead to loss of productivity and overall disenchantment over day-to-day life. 

The Covid -19 pandemic has not just disrupted many businesses and endangered the physical health of the masses, but it has impacted mental health as well. According to the Indian Journal of Psychiatry, about 34% of people in India experienced mental stress, and a further 34% faced distress in wake of the pandemic in 2020. Constant exposure to negative information like the increasing rate of deaths due to Covid, prolonged periods of isolation, fear of getting infected, losing a job due to the recession the pandemic brought along can devastate our mental stability. Engaging in relaxing activities like listening to soothing music or reading self-help books or books that help you stay positive might help at a time when we are surrounded by so much negativity. If you are looking for some of the best self-help books to read, your search ends here. 

  This Too Shall Pass – by Julia Samuel 

The only constant in life is change, said Heraclitus about a millennia ago (500 BC). Yet most of the time we find ourselves unprepared to deal with a major change. Most people are rendered helpless when the stability of their day-to-day life is disrupted by events such as a death of a family member, natural disasters like floods, pandemics, etc. In most cases, a major crisis signifies a transition. Many people struggle to adjust to such a major transition.  In this much-anticipated sequel to her seminal work ‘Grief Works’, celebrated psychotherapist and grief counselor Julia Samuel shares many success stories of people learning to overcome and adapt to difficult or disruptive life experiences. Dr. Samuel draws on patient case studies as well as insights gained from her 30 year-long experience. The case studies feature people from diverse backgrounds, dealing with various personal crises. There is the father who struggles to handle a serious medical diagnosis, a professional who faces unemployment after getting laid off, the dilemma of a young mother trying to go back to work, etc. Each of these intimate stories can resonate with any reader who is going through a crisis, making This Too Shall Pass one of the best self-help books to read if you are going through a difficult phase in your life. 

Reasons to Stay Alive – Matt Haig

This is a very candid, tell-all book that showcases the author’s struggle with depression and debilitating anxiety disorder. Published in 2015, this book debuted as no 1 best seller on The Sunday Times. If you have ever craved a first-person, very personal narrative of a person battling and winning over depression, this book will provide the answers. Through humor and no-holds-barred honesty, the author establishes how he overcame the darkest episode of his life with some help from his parents and his then-girlfriend and how he found positivity and the will to live through the small joys of everyday life. If brutal honesty tempered with a bit of wry humor is your style, when you look for the best self-help books to read, this might be what you are looking for. 

Into The Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeon’s Quest To Discover the Mysteries of the Brain & the Secrets of the Heart 

This is not only one of the best self-help books to read, it was the book that inspired one of the biggest albums of our times. This book was a primary source of inspiration for boy band BTS for their super hit song ‘Magic Shop’ ( one of the songs in the 2018 best-selling album ‘Love Yourself: Tear) The book’s protagonist Jim Doty is an alter -ego of the author James R Doty. Jim grows up in a less than ideal environment with an alcoholic father and a chronically depressed mother. One day he wanders into a magic shop where a mysterious shop owner named Ruth teaches him a series of techniques to solve his problems and manifest his desires. 

Maybe You Should Talk To Someone

 Many of us are familiar with Jesus Christ’s words, ‘Physician heal thyself, but how many psychologists and mental health experts, take heed of this advice? Psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb shares a unique perspective by sharing her counseling therapy experience both as the doctor and as a patient. Mental health experts are quick to solve their client’s mental health issues, but how many address their struggles with mental well-being? Dr. Gottlieb emphasizes the importance of reaching out for help. Honest without losing the touch of empathy, this book takes the readers on a path of self-discovery along with Dr. Gottlieb, making it one of the best self-help books to read. No one, not even the mental health specialist should hesitate to open up and reach out to people who will listen to what they have to say. 

Own Your Self 

 You are the expert when it comes to determining your mental well-being. This is the message Kelly Brogan (M.D) wants to convey through this book. What makes ‘Own Your Self’ one of the best self-help books to read is that it tries to imbue confidence in the readers – that they can take charge of their mental health, thank you very much. While medication or professional consultation is the most common method of handling mental health, Dr. Brogan offers alternative non -medicated methods to improve mental health so that people can identify the cause of mental health issues, address it and heal their mind from within, without any professional help. 

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