Unearthing Cultural Impact of ‘Mitti’

‘Mitti’ (earth) is a word that invokes a multitude of emotions, especially in the Indian subcontinent. It invokes – pride. Pride for breaking free from the shackles of oppressive colonialist regimes. It can also inspire a sense of belonging that cuts across other intersections like religion, caste, regional loyalty, etc.  Earth is an element that […]

Mapping the Pottery Culture of India

Pottery is one of the most evergreen craft traditions of India. From flower pots to terracotta chimes, matkas used for drinking water many types of Indian pottery can be found in every nook and corner of this country. A regular fare in several cultural fairs, village homes, and the boudoirs of some art connoisseurs,  Indian pottery is one of the oldest […]

Switch To ‘Mitti’ to Stay Healthy!

Few things on earth can replicate the feeling of sipping piping hot tea from a clay ‘bhar’ or glass. Or be as tempting as the sight of biryani being served from clay handis. To many of us desis, food being served from earthenware is an image that invokes nostalgia.  However aesthetic appeal and nostalgia are not […]