Switch To ‘Mitti’ to Stay Healthy!

Few things on earth can replicate the feeling of sipping piping hot tea from a clay ‘bhar’ or glass. Or be as tempting as the sight of biryani being served from clay handis. To many of us desis, food being served from earthenware is an image that invokes nostalgia. 

However aesthetic appeal and nostalgia are not the only benefits that earthenware has to offer. Adding some healthy earthen utensils to your kitchen, will not just make your kitchen stand out from its marble and glass peers, but also help you remain healthy! Read on to find out how. 

  • Food cooked in earthen pots helps make it more nutritious. Food cooked in ‘mitti’ pots tend to be rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur which helps keep the body healthy. For example, iron helps prevent protects us from anemia, calcium can help in having stronger bones, healthy teeth, and gums, etc. How does the cooking in earthenware help the food retain its nutrients? It all is based on simple science. It takes a longer time to cook food in earthen pots. So moisture and heat can be circulated easily, thus helping to maintain nutrition levels. So healthy earthen utensils are not just showpieces but regular use of them can make you healthier!
  • Healthy earthen utensils can also help you maintain the optimum pHl levels in your body. Clay pots are alkaline and interact with the acids present in the food. This neutralizes the pH balance and boosts your health. 
  • Using healthy earthen utensils daily can also help you cut down the calories! Earthen pots tend to be heat-resistant so food is cooked slowly. This negates the need for using a lot of oil. Earthen pots retain oil and give moisture to the food so you don’t need to provide extra oil to make it tastier. Cutting down oil consumption can no just help you avoid those extra kilos but also prevent pimple outbreaks!
  • Do you remember the unique, smoky, earthy flavor of chai served in clay pots? Mitti utensils do lend a one-of-a-kind flavor to your food that will enhance your eating experience! Water served from clay matkas also have this rare earthy flavor as well
  • Switching from glass or plastic bottles to clay ones might also help in boosting our metabolism level. Recent studies have shown that plastic water bottles contain harmful chemicals like Bisphenol A or BPA which depletes the testosterone level and can also harm the endocrine system. Drinking water from healthy earthen utensils can help in balancing the testosterone level and also help to improve the metabolism system. 
  • Healthy earthen utensils also help in keeping water cool. A sip of cool water is a blessing during summer as it helps to beat the scorching heat. Clay pots are porous so water is gradually cooled down. Thus water stored in earthen pots can be kept cool for a long time. Back when refrigerators were not household names yet, water was stored in clay matkas to keep them cool. 

So this summer, switch to ‘mitti’ wares. They will not just add a touch of aestheticism to your kitchen décor, but also help you stay healthy and beat the heat with ease, the desi way!

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