About Us

“Tea Talkers” started in February 2018 and since then we have grown by leaps and bounds for the enormous love and respect we have received from people.
Positive talks and thoughts are the need of the hour and who would better understand than the people of Kolkata. With reducing social contacts, humans are moving towards a dead zone called virtual reality. People have gradually taken the shorter and easier roads to socialize, talk, exchange thoughts, even showing feelings and bonding towards others.
Tea Talkers, started giving platforms to enhance human feelings towards their surroundings. We sat and talked with people in the cafes, on the roads everywhere. The surprising fact we found is everyone is hunting for a space for motivation. Here, we made a mark in the society, received overwhelming support from the media houses. From Radio, Print to Television, everywhere people are searching for a small zone of positive aura. People are dying to speak their heart out, stay original, make an optimistic approach to everything happening around.
We made it possible.
Tea Talkers team, with creative thoughts from Nibedita Dey, Speech from Souvik Biswas and unbelievable editing and camera team made it possible to reach out to people who are strugglers, who sailed against the waves to win and inspire.
It’s now time to think BIG.
It’s now time to go Global, beyond the walls of the cafes. Keeping in the heart the aura of the talks of the cafes, the team is going outside the boundaries to find the strugglers who made it possible, who are making it possible everything which seemed impossible one day.
Join Us, it’s an open invitation to all of you. This movement can find you with enormous love, happiness and gratitude.

Over 9 years of International corporate training experience, Souvik has never opted the traditional methodologies of corporate training. With all the latest tools and techniques available Souvik got them inside the training room which motivated even a dumb person to speak out bursting his heart.
With 22 years of theatre experience Souvik has learnt one thing; if you think the stage is your baby, you are ready to speak.
He is a Professional Speaker on Life Coaching and Motivational Thoughts. Souvik has also been delivering training programs based on the work culture in the international corporate houses on topics like work-life balance, art of body language, multi-cultural working environment, enhancing image programs, customer delight and customer service etc.
His modules can connect with various corporate as they are tailor made as per the company requirements. He is extremely versatile with an outstanding inter-personal skill and bubbles of knowledge on various subjects.
This workshop is his brainchild who has also designed Tea Talkers (an online channel for human development). Over 9 years of corporate training experience and training over 25,000 people across India and Bangladesh he has designed this workshop to help people find out what has not been found about themselves till date. A born talker and motivational speaker, Souvik is a hard core tea lover and believes that people can only talk about destiny over a cup of tea.