At Upanyasher Aranya, we believe in making futures brighter, more promising. We have established a Gurukul or an in-house school where the local children from the marginalized communities will be provided education free of cost. They will be instructed by teachers who are also selected and trained locally. 


According to a 2014 SRI-IMRB survey, about 6.1 million children drop out of school without completing their education. At least 35 million children aged 6-14 do not attend school. We want to secure a better future for the children of our country. But change has to come through us. One step at a time. However, with your help, we are confident that we can help these children dare to dream and grow up to become responsible citizens of the country.

These kids want to fly high. Let us be the wind beneath their wings.

  • Upanyasher Aranya will prioritize empowering rural children by providing basic education free of cost, under the aegis of Tea-Talkers’ Foundation
  • We believe in creating a generation that is more aware of our cultural heritage. So cultural education classes will also be provided to children. 
  • To create responsible citizens visionaries and the future backbone of the nation from the rural children. Transform their lives and help them live with dignity through the power of education.