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Want to add some novelty to your boudoir? Then these handmade craftworks might be the thing for you. Made from fine clay and decorated with colourful paintings, these craftworks have a simple, understated beauty. From quaint wall hangings to pretty flower vases, diyas, ashtrays and pen stand, we have some unique craftworks for every occasion. All are handmade and crafted from the finest clay. These craftworks reflect the skilled craftsmanship of our artisans and can be the perfect home décor item for your living room.


  • Ashtray Type2

    Who has the time to spare a glance at an ashtray? Nobody that is. In most cases anyways. But that can change. This cute little clay ashtray can excel at both keeping those pesky ashes away and be a home décor item. Handmade and organic, this ashtray comes with some pretty patterns.

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    Ashtray Type2

  • Ashtray Type1

    ‘Ashtray’ and ‘organic’ are generally not words you see together. But this beauty can keep your desk free from ashes and indeed is 100% organic. Made from clay and coming with attractive designs, this handmade ashtray can sit pretty on your desk and keep it ash-free.

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    Ashtray Type1

  • Wall Hanging T2

    If these painted faces could talk, they’d never stop talking.  They would talk of an ancient culture dating back to 1500 BC – the Bengal handicrafts industry. The dying breed of master craftsmen. The painted faces of this exquisite clay wall hanging would tell a thousand stories if only they could.

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    Wall Hanging T2

  • Wall Hanging T1

    A piece of Bengal on your wall.  For those who crave handmade home décor, this beautiful wall hanging will be the ultimate gift.  Made from fine clay by Bengal’s master craftsmen, this one comes with intricate, colourful illustrations too. A worthy gift for handicraft junkies.

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    Wall Hanging T1

  • Diya Type-2

    Whether it be Diwali, worship rituals or welcoming a new family member, diyas or mini lamps are a regular fixture of every auspicious occasion there is. This off white, clay diya, will add a nice little organic touch to your festive rituals.

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    Diya Type-2

  • Diya Type-1

    Understated, yet magnificent, this handmade diya will be the perfect gift for a festive occasion or birthdays! Crafted with finesse from clay and hand-designed by our master artisans, this diya can be the perfect home décor item as well as an essential during auspicious events.

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    Diya Type-1

  • Flower Vase-Large-T4

    This quaint looking flower vase won’t look out of place at the local handicrafts fair. Off-white coloured, with some simple yet eye-catching images painted on them, this clay vase is a masterpiece that will add to your home décor.

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    Flower Vase-Large-T4

  • Flower Vase-Large-T3

    Flower vases don’t have to be basic looking always. Pretty flowers deserve a pretty flower vase too! If you are looking for something a bit distinctive from the run-of-the-mill plastic flower vases, you can place your bets on this painted clay flower vase! Handmade by skilled artisans, this flower vase is sure to catch the eye of your guests!

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    Flower Vase-Large-T3

  • Flower Vase-Large-T2

    Now here’s a flower vase you can show off! This is handmade and comes with some superb illustrations. Made from clay and 100% organic, this handmade flower vase will be the perfect gift for a friend!

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    Flower Vase-Large-T2

  • Flower Vase-Large-T1

    Which is more beautiful? The flowers? Or the flower vase? This one of a kind flower vase will make many of your guests wonder.  This clay flower vase certainly has some memorable features. The subdued beauty of the deep brown and cream colour combination.  The beautiful woman painted on the vase who seems to play peek-a-boo with you.  Not a vase you will forget any time soon.

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    Flower Vase-Large-T1

  • Mini Oval Pen Stand

    This pen stand can be the perfect place to store your pens, pencils and rubber. But it can be a standalone decorative piece as well! This cream coloured pen stand comes with some attractive paintings. Handmade to perfection by our local artisans, this cute pen stand can be a total show-stealer!

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    Mini Oval Pen Stand

  • Mini Round Pen Stand

    Tired of the same old plastic or metal pen stands? Then this adorable pen stand might just be what you need. This one is 100%  eco-friendly. Made from pure clay by local artisans, this pen stand can be the perfect place to store your pens.

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    Mini Round Pen Stand

  • MiniFlowerVase

    The perfect flower vase for the handicrafts connoisseur.   It is made from clay by some of the best artisans of Bengal.  This vase comes with some lovely illustrations painted by our artisans to perfection.

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