There is nothing more satisfactory than biting into a ripe apple or mango. Imagine relishing its rich flavour, losing yourself in the sweetness. Nothing short of euphoria. 

Now you don’t have to travel to Shimla to enjoy apples fresh from the orchard. You can get it right here at Upanyaser Aranya! Our menu which comprises fresh, locally produced seasonal fruits and vegetables promise to satisfy even the most particular locavores. 

Take a break from canned food, unhealthy takeaways. Go green this weekend. Indulge in a 100% organic diet comprising of meals made from farm to fork vegetables served oven-fresh and piping hot! Gorge on fruit salads made from fresh seasonal fruits.

  • Enjoy an organic diet that comprises fresh fruits and vegetables produced at our farm
  • Meals will be prepared in clay ovens to retain their nutrients and natural essence.
  • Savour a wide variety of sweets made from pure chhena.
  • Inspire our guests to take a break from fast-food and unhealthy eating habits
  • Introduce them to a wholesome diet of locally produced food