A hasty Google translation would be ‘soil’. But in the Indian context, just one word is not enough to capture the essence of mitti. It is an inalienable part of nature. According to the Ayurveda, it is also one of 'Pancha Bhoota’ or the five elements that constitute the human body. Mitti is a concept that encompasses the physical, spiritual and cultural. It represents a primitive though often neglected connection to our grassroots. A culture that is rapidly fading away due to a lack of demand and visibility. The pottery industry ( a subset of the handicrafts industry) of West Bengal is almost as old as the Indian civilization. Dating back to the Indus Valley Civilization, this industry is in shambles today, with its skilled artisans fighting for their livelihood. Despite having one of the most diverse handicraft industry, we contribute a mere 2 % of the global handicrafts industry. Therefore we created this platform – ‘Mitti’ to showcase and celebrate this rapidly dwindling part of our cultural heritage. ‘Mitti’ is a humble attempt to promote the rural artisans and help urban dwellers return to their roots. Through this joint endeavour, we hope to make today’s youth more aware of the diverse handicrafts industry of Bengal and give our artisans long-awaited and much-deserved recognition. Each of the pottery and other craftworks is crafted from fine clay and represents the essence of a master artisan. In a market over-saturated with machine-made pottery, handmade pottery is sure to add some authenticity to your living room decoration. If you wish to add one of these masterpieces to your living space and give back to society, your search ends here.